Where to put books in teenagers’ rooms?

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When teenagers reach a certain age, they will probably get their first books into their room. Whether it is for school or they like reading novels, it is a good idea to organize them by either storing them away or displaying them nicely. There are many alternatives to the often-chosen book closet. We will provide you with some alternatives to get you inspired.

  • Shelves
  • Multifunctional furniture
  • Out of sight

When you like to display the books, but have limited space, it can be a good idea to use the walls. By placing shelves, you won’t lose any square meters of floor space while decorating the walls at the same time. Get creative and place the shelves on multiple heights to create a playful effect. Consider the height extensively depending on the height of your teenager, as they will probably still grow and you don’t want them to hit their head in a few years, while to heigh is also not ideal although a small step can aid.

Multifunctional furniture
Whether your space is limited, or you prefer to get in other furniture than a book closet, consider multifunctional furniture. This can be a bed or sofa with a shelf underneath or even on the fireplace or in the window. Display the books nicely and it will make the room look better without taking up any new space.

Out of sight
In case your teenager is getting in many books and there is no more space for them on the shelves, or you or your teenager prefers to keep the room clean and organized, consider a big box to hide them away. Just like these boxes for toys, they also work for books and when placed in infront of the wall or the foot-end of the bed, it won’t bother either.