What does the average teenage room look like?

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It’s good to mention that there are as many different kinds of rooms as there are teenagers. The style and the furniture you decide on are very dependent on your own and your teenager preferences and likings. However, there are a few things that find in many bedrooms that make a lot of sense. We will write some down for you to consider.

  • A place to sleep
  • A place to work
  • A place to play

A place to sleep and relax
Obviously, your teenager needs a place to sleep. Most often you see single beds. However, if space allows or you are lacking the space, you can consider a double or bunk bed. If you have some space left, consider creating another place to relax. This can be a sofa, some pillows on the ground, or a comfy chair. This way, your teenager can read a book or listen to some music without hanging out in bed all day. This way, when going to bed, the body and mind will associate the bed with sleeping and you will find it easier to fall asleep.

A place to work
If there is space left, consider a small desk for them to do their homework. Especially in a busy household, it can be good to have a calm and quiet place to return to when homework needs to be done or exams need to be prepared. A desk, chair, and light will already make a big difference.

A place to play
After work, there should also be time to relax. How nice if your teenager can also find that in his own room. Do keep in mind that when providing a pc, tv, and/or game console that it does not take over their lives and keeps them awake at night. A good idea might be a portable tv table with wheels that you can ride in and out of the room and store away during the night. Other alternatives that do not involve screens are also great but dependent on your child’s preferences.