A daybed for a teen’s room?

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The name ‘daybed’ may not mean much to you, although it sounds like a bed fitting a teenage lifestyle: hanging in the bedroom all day. It is in some ways the luxury version of a sofa bed. The main difference is that in a daybed’s design, the head- and foot end are incorporated, making them more like a regular bed than a sofa. This design also makes them static, meaning they cannot convert into a double bed.

  • A daybed is more practical for a teen
  • Choose a daybed with storage underneath
  • Incorporate sofa-like items for the day-use

A daybed is more practical for a teen
A daybed is a great place to hang out for teens during the day. It often has the size of a single bed, thus making it feel more like a couch while sitting on it. With a regular bed, you’ll need additional furniture for them to sit on during the day. Keep in mind that most teens love to hang out in their rooms for many hours, so giving them a space to relax is important for them.

Choose a daybed with storage underneath
Another problem often encountered in teenage rooms is the amount of stuff they got lingering around. Giving them some easy storage space is a good assessable way for them to clean up their junk. If your teen is more of the social type, you could also go for a sofa bed with a trundle. If your teen can have sleepovers regularly without having to lay out a separate mattress, they will be thankful! 

Incorporate sofa-like items for the day-use
The daybed has an actual mattress on top, unlike a sofa bed, which makes it important to add decoration to make it look half-sofa during the day. Place pillows on top to lay against. A blanket to cover the whole duvet makes it look like a sofa to hang out on and lowers the chance of it getting dirty due to trousers and socks worn during the day. A win-win!