How to make a bedroom feel cozy for teens?

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Teenagers often spend more time in their rooms compared to grownups. It’s where they do their homework and relax, invite friends over, and so on. Making it a comfortable and cozy place is, therefore, a good idea and your teenager will thank you for it later. We will provide some tips and tricks to get you started

  • Use multiple light sources
  • Get in the fluff!
  • Play around with color

Use multiple light sources
Most teenage rooms have a light on the ceiling and on their night desk. However, to get it really cozy you can make use of multiple light sources. Think of the standing light in the corner of the room or a light string above the bed. By turning on these light sources and the big light off, you will create the right ambiance and it will be much cozier.

Get in the fluff!
When teenagers grow up, they might get rid of some stuffed animals. This does not mean that you should get rid of all the fluff. Since stuffed animals probably don’t do the trick anymore, consider lots of pillows and a big fat boy in the corner. Additionally, in the colder climates, get additional blankets and a nice thick carpet.

Play around with color
Teenagers often go from more colorful youngster rooms to more adolescent and mature rooms, hence with neutral colors and a more straightforward look. This does not mean that you should get rid of color altogether. There are many colors that will suit any age, and where taupe is maybe not the color yet, a navy blue or dark green will do miracles.