What to put in a guest room?

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If you are trying to figure out what to put in a room for your arriving guests, you can make a distinction between the necessary items and the nice-to-haves. In this article, we will spend some time on both. The things you can put in a guestroom can variate greatly, thus it is up to you to imagine what your guests might appreciate most.

  • Make sure your guests can read
  • Darkening curtains are a must
  • Water bottles can be hugely appreciated

Make sure your guests can read
Especially when your guests like to relax in bed before going to sleep (which is often appreciated by most of the guests), it is a must-have to provide a reading light beside the bed. Even when they don’t use the light for reading, it is really relaxing not having to leave the bed to turn off the lights when wanting to go to sleep.

Darkening curtains are a must
Curtains that can black out the room are not nice to have, they are a must. After all, a good night’s rest is a key thing of staying at another place. If you do not have darkening curtains, you can consider providing an eye mask. Nevertheless, heavy curtains are of course easier for your guests than putting on an eye mask. Some guests really dislike wearing an eye mask, thus before making this decision, ask what their preference is.

Water bottles can be hugely appreciated
You probably remember a night in your life in which you woke up super thirsty. And of course, no water bottle beside you. Frustrating right? Not every guest arriving at your house will encounter this problem, but it is super welcoming to put some water bottles on the nightstands. They can carry them with them during the day and be hydrated during the night.