How to furnish a guest room?

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Buying furniture for your guestroom can be a pleasant experience. We recommend picking a certain color scheme and stick to it to create unity in your guestroom. Soft, pastel colors are calming and welcoming for any guests. Every guestroom needs a bed, of course. But besides this centerpiece, you can add other pieces of furniture to finish your guestroom.

  • Create a place to sit
  • Set up a working station
  • Do not forget nightstands

Create a place to sit
Often, the only place to sit in a guestroom is the bed. Of course, this is possible, but creating a more comfortable place to put on your shoes (for example) is nicer. A bench at the end of the bed can create a place for guests to put their suitcase or stuff on. If you choose a hallow bench with a lit, it can also function as an extra storage space! You can use this space to store extra blankets or pillows.  

Set up a working station
Having a place to focus on your work as a guest can come in very handy. Searching something online, finishing a project: having a separate place to finish this can be very welcoming for some. If you do not have enough space to place a table and chair, a good alternative can be a comfy chair. This can also be a place for your guests to work or to read a book.

Do not forget nightstands
Often forgotten, but nonetheless important: nightstands. It is a place to put your night reading light on, your phone, a bottle of water… and so forth. When you choose a nightstand with a drawer inside, it is even better. This way your guests can keep more things close to them without having to leave the bed. This will be the cherry on top for your guests when it comes to welcoming them into your home.