What size rug for the living room?

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Most people buy a rug based on solely its appearance. Understandably, but in the end, you want the rug to compliment the dining room space. Not just the appearance of the rug, but the size as well, can change the atmosphere in a room. We will layout a few tips in this article to choose the right size rug for your dining room (basically, every room in your house).

  • Measure dimensions of the room before buying
  • Larger rugs make the room feel bigger
  • Get out of your comfort zone

Measure dimensions of the room before buying
This tip can be very important for you if you have the tendency to ‘fall in love’ with items, ending up with them not fitting the environment when you arrive back home. It can also be a great tip if you have a hard time choosing: a lot of options will drop if you know the right size of the rug before you enter the store. The dimensions will depend on where you would like to place the rug; 5×8 inches will often only cover the coffee table. Rug size 8×10 inches will be good to place some furniture on top, some completely off the rug. This depends on the dimensions of the room.

Larger rugs make the room feel bigger
To create a sense of space, you can choose to cover the largest part of the room with a rug. For example, a 9×12 inches rug will oftentimes be suitable. Keep in mind the ‘8 inches rule’; Keep at least 18 inches, or +/- 46 cm, exposed around the rug’s edges. Otherwise, it will make the room look smaller than it actually is and take-over the space.

Get out of your comfort zone
To do something special to your living room, you could choose to layer different sizes of rugs (I hear you thinking, ‘say what!?’). For example, you can layer an awesome vintage rug on top of a larger one. If you can find the right pairing, it can look beautiful and add another dimension to the room.