What size fan for the bedroom?

In general, you can distinguish four sizes for a ceiling fan ranging from small (under 44″) to great (over 62″). Depending on the size of your bedroom you can determine which fan fits best. This article will give you some handy guidelines when picking a fan for your bedroom.

  • Small (under 44″)
  • Medium (44 – 50″)
  • Large (over 50″)
  • Great (over 62″)

Small (under 44″)
A small fan can be used for small bedrooms under 144 square feet. This size is often chosen for bathrooms or utility rooms. The size the fan can move per minute is measured in cubic feet per minute (CPM). For a small fan, this is between 1000 and 3000 CPM.

Medium (44-50″)
A medium fan can be used for medium-sized bedrooms between 144 and 225 square feet. This size is often chosen for kitchens or dining rooms. For a medium fan, the CPM ranges between 1600 and 4500.

Large (over 50″)
A large fan can be used for large-sized/ master bedrooms between 225 and 400 square feet. This size is often chosen for family or tv rooms. For a large fan, the CPM ranges between 2300 and 6500.

Great (over 62″)
Great fans are often too big for bedrooms. However, when your bedroom is larger than 400 square feet, you can either consider picking a great fan or placing two smaller fans. This over 62″ fan is often chosen for large basements and open floor plans. For a great fan, the CPM ranges between 5500 and 13500.

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