What is the best location for a laundry room?

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There will be challenges when it comes to figuring out the best location to place things in a small apartment. Nonetheless, with a little trick here and there, you would be surprised how much room you can creatively carve for just about anything you want in your apartment. 
The pivotal goal of a successful small laundry in an enclosed space is to utilize as much space, available in your apartment, as possible. So, you may need to forgo a little aesthetics. You may not hang a lot of artworks as you hope to and turn the space to an essential laundry room. 
Laundry rooms can be located inside apartments or attached to the house. What does this mean? This means special needs are to be addressed based on individual preferences when making a laundry room. You must work with a professional to ensure the laundry room is appropriately placed, and there is no chance of any disastrous hazard. 

While you will still employ the services of a professional, there are dos and don’ts you should know before locating your laundry room in your apartment.  

DO NOT place the laundry close to the sleeping area. The constant noise will prevent your kids from sleeping. 

CONSIDER: if you’re connecting to your hydraulic systems, then your laundry room should be at proximity to your kitchen or bathroom for direct access to water.  

DO NOT OVERLOOK the necessity for proper ventilation. Significant heat is generated from the Linen set. Cross-ventilation is necessary for the Linen set to remain functional over time. The recommended material for the ventilation tubes should be a rigid metal as this helps to reduce fluff accumulation (Most states in the UK, US, and Europe require this). When installing the washing machine in your laundry room, a heat source must be built for free airflow to prevent a frozen pipe hazard. 
If you don’t have room to spare in your apartment, you can create a wall storage laundry. You can hang the wall storage on a rustic iron thread or wood. However, an iron thread would be stronger. Likewise, you can make a laundry wardrobe into one of the walls in your house. A laundry wardrobe and wall storage can house your washing machine and other items you will need in the laundry. 

In the end, choosing the exact place to locate your laundry room depends on your preferences and the space of your apartment. Endeavor to place it where you will enjoy it, and it’s safe.