How to keep a laundry room clean?

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The following tips will guide you in cleaning all parts and equipment of your laundry room.

1. Disinfect and Remove Residues from Washing Machines
Pour the white vinegar into the washing machine. This will disinfect the interior and remove soap residues. A few drops of white vinegar in the washing machine will remove soap remnants and help disinfect the washer interior.

2. Clean the Dryer’s Fluff Screen
The contents in the fluff screen should be emptied with a damp cloth until there are no remnants left. You can also use a fluff fabric softener to leave a waxy finish on the fluff screen, then rinse and vacuum the dryer. To clean the tube of the dryer, you should run a long duster right inside the tube of the dryer. Perhaps, you can consider using a vacuum with a slot. When you combine both of these steps, the accumulated fluff on the tube sides will be gone.

3. Use Microfiber to Clean the Sink’s Tap
The sink should be cleaned using a damp cloth, preferably with detergent. At the same time, the tap of the sink should be carefully cleared with a microfiber cloth. 

4. Use Vacuum Cleaner to Clean the Vents
It is essential that when clearing out the vents, your vacuum should be at its highest setting. Dust and fluff clog up in the vents, thus blocking free airflow. When you are done vacuuming the vents, the ventilation grilles should be taken care of using a damp cloth

5. Clean Windows Using a Damp Cloth and Curtains Using a Vacuum
A glass cleaner should be sprinkled a few times onto a cloth, then clean the glass frame using the damp cloth. Vacuum laundry room curtains using a brush to prevent dust accumulation.

6. Use Soda Paste to Clean the Iron
Every waste material deposit on the iron must be cleaned. The iron is prone to having a starch build-up, and frequent spraying will address it. To do this, you should prepare a paste of baking soda and clean water. Soak a clean cloth into the soda paste, squeeze the liquid content a little, and begin to clean the iron.