What are the best floor types for a laundry room?

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Your laundry room floor needs to tick a few boxes for you to enjoy it. It should not only resist moisture, impact, and stain, but should be easy-to-clean, long-lasting, and aesthetically appealing. In light of this, below are three laundry room floor types that are relatively popular, durable, easy to maintain, and pocket-friendly. Remember you can lay out your flooring as well as the rest of the utility room requirements using a tool like Floorplanner.com

  1. The Vinyl Option 
  2. Ceramic Tiles 
  3. Stone Tiles

The Vinyl Option
When it comes to vinyl flooring, you can either make use of vinyl sheets or luxury vinyl tiles. Both vinyl sheets and luxury vinyl offer outstanding quality for their consistent water, scratch, and stain resistance. However, Luxury vinyl is more expensive and durable than vinyl sheets. Unlike most other rooms in your apartment, the laundry room is susceptible to having stagnant clog that will quickly lead to permanent damage to wool rugs and the wooden floors. Durability is a quality of Vinyl floors. The most durable vinyl flooring types are the 6 and 12-foot width vinyl. Like their linoleum predecessors, it is attached to the subfloor of your laundry room. You can opt for a padded product that will allow the sheet to sit comfortably on the floor without any glue. Vinyl sheets would last between 5 and 20 years, while luxury vinyl would last between 10 and 30 years.

Ceramic Tiles
Another excellent option for a laundry room floor is the ceramic tiles. Ceramics have a waterproof quality and are highly durable. While the installation of the support layer is important to prevent breakage and movement, ceramic tiles are easy to install and replace. Also, there are many types of ceramic tiles. Nonetheless, the office or commercial rugs are recommended because they are safe to use in an apartment filled with kids and are equally water-resistant. Go for glazed ceramic tiles to enjoy your floor for about 20 years. Unglazed ceramic tiles should be sealed with tile sealer for optimum durability. If Vinyl isn’t your thing, you can opt for boards or tiles. However, you don’t want to go for white tiles due to stain. 

Stone Tiles
Laundry floors made of stone tiles last the longest. They just don’t expire. They can be made from limestone, marble, or any other natural stones that can last you a lifetime. As expected, they’re the most expensive. While there are other flooring types, such as Hardwood, Carpets, and Bamboo floors, the floor types mentioned above are the best for laundry rooms.