What every guestroom needs

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When you have guests arriving, it is time to spice up your guestroom to provide them the most comfortable stay. When you are thinking about what guestroom must-haves are, keep in mind the things YOU would like to enjoy while staying at another place. Keep on reading to find out our top three tips.

  • Provide some basic toiletries
  • Tuck away some extra bedding and pillows
  • Provide a universal charger or charging station

Provide some basic toiletries
Big chances that your guests will bring some of their own bathroom products. However, the basics can be easily forgotten. Make sure to provide them with shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and soap. Leave it in the bathroom in a cute basket or in the bathroom they will be using. You can even leave a personal note in the basket if you would like to give it a personal touch.

Tuck away some extra bedding and pillows
No one likes to get cold while staying at another place. It is hard to estimate what kind of sleeper you are having over (some guests are ‘cold’ sleepers, others prefer it to be hot). By leaving extra blankets in the room, you leave the decision up to them to sleep warmer or not. The same goes for pillows: every person likes a different kind of pillow. If you provide them with different sets of pillows, they can choose their own kind and sleep better.

Provide a universal charger or charging station
When you have guests arriving from abroad, one of the key things they will definitely need is chargers. These things are easily forgotten at home and, most probably, their charger is different than the plugs you have in your house. A universal charger can solve this problem thus is needed in every guestroom. A charging station gives even more luxury, due to the fact that your guest can charge multiple devices at the same time.