What Do I need to Buy for my Billiard Room?

Billiard room design created with floorplanner.com

In this article, we’ve talked about the design and decor of a billiard room, including the kind of furniture you may need and the different design styles, but what does this all mean when it comes down to actually drawing up a budget? How much do you need to spend on this room of your dreams? Without going into actual product recommendations, a generic shopping list of your billiard room would look something like this:

  • Pool table
  • Cues / Wall Racks
  • Billiard balls, triangle, bridge
  • Large area rug (remember our hints, above?) or carpeting
  • Wall lighting (beer signs don’t count)
  • Pendant lighting for billiard table
  • Hanging lights for wine/cocktail bar
  • Ceiling fans
  • Stools for pool players to sit on while waiting their turn
  • Sitting area with:
  • Game table
  • Game chairs
  • Other sitting area/media area for large-screen TV
  • Large-screen TV and sound system
  • Plenty of device charging areas
  • Sofas/Sectionals/Armchairs
  • Occasional tables
  • Dart board (adult version and kid-friendly)
  • Wall shelves for collectibles: beer mugs, vintage tin cars, team hats…
  • Real or fake plants
  • Wine/beer refrigerator
  • Billiard-themed or game room-themed art and accessories
  • Serious: wine posters, travel posters, 
  • Whimsical: Butler, Mermaids, Pirates, or Elvis!

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