What is a laundry room?

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The laundry room is one of the parts of a house that commands attention for its hard work. While the living room attracts aesthetic attention because it’s the place to receive visitors, the laundry room must not be neglected for keeping you and the other parts of your house clean. Yes, the laundry room keeps you and other parts of your home clean. Now, whether your laundry room is small or big, the most important thing is for it to serve you efficiently. In the same vein, you’re the one that can make it serve you well by locating it strategically and keeping it clean, well-arranged, and equipped. 
In this guide, we look through all you need to know about a laundry room. So, join us as we discuss the minute laundry room details you need to know, from color types to location and design in your apartment. Some might be asking about the difference between a utility room and a laundry room…let’s quickly look at that. 

Laundry Room or Utility Room: Discover the Difference 
What differentiates a laundry room from a utility room? Well, the difference is in the name. Historically, utility rooms have always been connected to the kitchen to lift some burden off the later. The utility room help save some valuable space in the kitchen and other parts of the house in general as it houses all the equipment not needed for daily activities. It is also where clothes are washed, and seasonal clothes are kept. Similar to the utility room, the Laundry room serves the same purpose. The Laundry room is often next to the kitchen, and it isn’t uncommon to have it placed in the basement where it can enjoy more space. The more spacious the laundry room is, the more equipment and household items it can accommodate. While utility room and laundry room mean the same thing today, the former is preferred in British English and the latter in American English.