What color to paint a bedroom?

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Most people go for calm, soothing, and neutral colors to create a sense of relaxation. However, the bedroom is your safe haven and is the preferred color of the walls is therefore completely subjective. Some people would choose darker or more vibrant colors every day of the week! This article will provide you with some inspiration.

  • Calm neutrals
  • Soothing pastels
  • Expressive colors
  • Dark colors

Calm neutrals
The benefit of neutrals like white, grey, ivory, beige, and taupe is that they keep the room spacious and match with almost all furniture and decorations. They give the room a calmer feeling and are never a bad idea. There is little you can do wrong with these colors.

Soothing pastels
If you want to add a little color to your bedroom without overdoing it and still keep it spacious, then pastel colors are the way to go. Pastels include pastel green, mint, light yellow, and baby blue among others. These colors will keep the room bright and joyful.

Expressive colors
When you are more expressive and want bedroom walls that are more present, you can go for expressive colors. However, pick no more than one or two walls at most to avoid creating a boxed-in feeling. Think terracotta orange, forest green, or ocean blue. Often the preferred option is the wall behind the bed.

Dark colors
It could also be that you want to create a bedroom that is more romantic and cozy, when this is the case, you can go for a dark-colored wall. This includes anthracite, dark green, Bordeaux red, or even black. Just like with the expressive colors, choose no more than one or two walls