How to soundproof a bedroom?

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Everyone living in the city or that has noisy neighbors will recognize the problem of honking, street racing cars, crying babies, and barking dogs, just when you are about to sleep. No need to worry however, with these simple steps you can easily reduce noise entering your bedroom and get a good night’s sleep.  

  • Seal the door
  • Place thick carpets
  • Consider sound-proof windows
  • Add extra drywall or wall insulation

Seal the door
There are multiple ways you can reduce the noise coming through your door. When there is a gap underneath, a simple and cheap solution is a draft stopper. Often, however, this is not enough since the sound also penetrates cheaper and thinner doors. Investing in a solid wooden door can reduce the noise significantly.

Place thick carpets
When the noise does not originate from your upstairs neighbors or outside but from your partner, place a rug or apply carpet to the bedroom. This will make the footsteps lighter and allow you to sleep through when your partner leaves off for work early or comes home late.

Consider sound-proof windows
Especially in old houses, windows and the window frame are often the reason that will keep you awake at night. Sometimes it can be easily fixed by filling up the cracks and placing window sills. However, by investing more and placing double windows and new window frames you can significantly reduce the outside noise coming in.

Add extra drywall or wall insulation
When you have tried everything, but the neighbors next door still keep you awake, consider adding an extra layer of drywall or even filling up the wall with insulation. This will cost more but also makes a bigger difference.