Should a teenager have their own room?

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Teenagers often look for safe hideaways to deal with the world. Sharing a room with someone, most probably a brother or sister, can be fun as a child. However, when they hit their teenage years, most teens will start to ask for their own room. There are several things to consider when it comes to teens having their own room. Keep on reading to get ahead of the latest insights on this topic.

  • They are mature and responsible
  • They need privacy
  • Without a separate space, you can give them their own zone

They are mature and responsible
One reason to provide your teen with their own room is obvious: because they ask for it. It probably means they have the feeling they need it and that they can cope with the responsibility that comes with having a room for themselves. Your teen probably does not want to have their own room for the sake of having one. Teens get a need for their own space, to contemplate about the things life throws at them, and to express themselves.

They need privacy
For teens, privacy is important. Their point of view is changing, their bodies are changing, and a lot of other complicated things collide together in a few years. To process all these things, having their own private space can help. Besides dealing with teenage struggles, your teen needs a place to do homework. This can be done a lot better without a little brother nagging to come and play.

Without a separate space, you can give them their own zone
If you have a lack of space in your house, it makes sense that you cannot give your teen their own space. However, you can divide a shared room to give them the illusion of having their own space. You can use a physical divider, like a curtain, giving each their own zone. If you dislike this idea, create separation using two different colors. For example, one part of the room can contain a lot of blue elements, while the other one has yellow accents.