Planning a small library / Book nook ?

Library plan created with

Sometimes, depending on the home’s architecture, you may find that you have an uneven wall or indent in the room. Instead of letting that little corner go to waste, you could turn this into a small one-person library. First of all, wall-mounted shelves are a must for such a small space. You can also add a stool for seating if you would rather avoid scattering your books around the room as you read. 

The lighting for the space should be adequate due to the fact that the corner should be within the same light as the main room. If the edge that you are transforming is a bit dim, we suggest adding a small wall-mounted lamp. 
You can easily spice up the aesthetics of this tiny library by adding custom wallpaper, or maybe a painting between the shelves. Either way, this is probably the smallest yet most innovative way to spice up your home.