How to decorate a dining room with no windows?

Dining room plan

Tips for planning a dining room without a window

Some houses have fully enclosed rooms without any windows. Most of the time these rooms are used as a hallway, bathroom or guest room.  Here are the 3 best tips to turn a room without any outside light into a great dining area.

  • Create the illusion of a window with a large mirror
  • Make sure you put extra attention to lighting
  • Decorate with light colours ,furniture and fabrics

Create the illusion of a window with a large mirror

The easiest way to create the illusion of a window in a room is by hanging or place a large mirror an a wall. Perhaps even floor to ceiling . This will make the room look bigger and especially if you use lights on different distances from the mirror. Especially for a dining room you can think of adding drapes or curtains to perfect the illusion.

Make sure you put extra attention to lighting

Lighting is always difficult to especially for a room without any light from outside. Make sure you do not rely on one or just a few light sources but use lots of smaller led lamps to create a more layered lighting.  Add some accent lights like a chandelier above your dining-table and play around with the best position of lamps in combination with any mirrors in the room which.

Decorate with light colours ,furniture and fabrics.

Unless you want to go for a very specific darker style, try keeping it light and airy in terms of choice of colours, fabrics and furniture objects. Don’t try to put too much furniture in the room and the furniture that you use should be preferably more open. Try using natural light, fabrics like cotton or linnen and use colored accent to make your dining table the center piece of the room. 

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