How to make a book nook under the stairs?

Book nook under the stairs

Frequently, homeowners have had a hard time finding a useful purpose for the space below their stairs. Even if the area you have is not an open space and is instead a closet below your stairs, this is still a perfect space to be transformed into a place for reading. 

Scope out your book nook using a tool like 
Adding a shelf below the stairs to house all of your books would keep the space open as long as the rack does not protrude too far from the wall. If you have space, you can also add a loveseat, armchair, or even a couch. To reduce clutter, we suggest a chest to house all the extra toys.

Because this space will probably not be within direct access to natural light, it’s recommended that you find a warm LED bulb to brighten the area 
The best part about this stair based reading space is that it can really grow much more massive and keep multiple kids entangled in a book. A window unit suffers from a lack of space for more than one or two children. If you are building the area for yourself as an adult, you could easily have a fridge, and small wall mounted bar for all the wine and whiskey that you’ll sip as you turn those pages. 

If the area below the stairs is enclosed, you will have excellent noise reduction. If the area is open, you should consider this factor when choosing to create a reading space to avoid any distractions. Additionally, if you have stairs that generate a lot of noise when people walk on them, it could create another distraction for any readers. 
Pro Tip: Why not place a chalkboard on the wall so you can write down notable quotes, challenging vocabulary, and whichever page you left on as you come back and forth to your book.