How to make a Window Book Nook?

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Tucked snugly into the roof of a home, a dormer gives the opportunity to make space for the perfect classical English style book nook. The pitched roof window allows you to bring a massive amount of natural lighting to avoid a lamp or headlight during the day. At night we would suggest adding some ceiling light or standing lamp to keep the space visible for those cozy evenings reserved for books and hot chocolate. 

The dormer’s tight walls will also give you some noise isolation from the rest of the room. You can amplify some of that noise dampening by adding pillows. To increase the noise reduction even further, you can add a blanket over the small space and give yourself more privacy. 
We suggest utilizing floating shelves to reserve space and give easy access to reading. Additionally, a nice bench seat could hold extra toys and provide some elevation, So you’ll always be within the sun. This extra space in a loft is the most popular version of reading areas on the list. Don’t worry, if you don’t have this space and your home, there are other options available. 
Adding a shelf below the stairs to house all of your books would keep the space open as long as the rack does not protrude too far from the wall. If you have space, you can also add a loveseat, armchair, or even a couch. To reduce clutter, we suggest a chest to house all the extra toys.

Tip: Why not place a chalkboard on the wall so you can write down notable quotes, challenging vocabulary, and whichever page you left on as you come back and forth to your book.