How to maximize the space in a laundry room?

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If your laundry room is small, you will always have difficulty in finding space to dry your clothes and place some equipment. This could be stressful, but the following tips will help. 

1. Make More Clothing Lines in Your Backyard
You may have to put more clothing lines at your backyard to free up some space in your laundromat. This way, your clothes will also dry faster. 

2. Use A Straight Narrow Line
Not an inch of space should be made to waste in your little closet. Look at your laundry room, do you have your washer and dryer to the center? Now push them towards the opposite direction to create more space at the center. Look at other parts as well, and make necessary rearrangement of your equipment to get more space. You only need to get creative with this. 

3. Use Foldable Ironing Board
If your laundry room is small, then you might want to store your ironing board somewhere else. However, it shouldn’t be left in the guest closet either. The best option might be for you to get a custom foldable iron board that will only take minimal space in your laundry room and you can pack when not in use. 

4. Consider a Foldable Folding Table
If your space is so small, you might want to consider several foldable pieces of equipment. In this light, a foldable, folding station should be considered. This way, you get to use it when needed and fold it up to create more space when not needed. 

5. Use Wall Storage and Door Organizers
Don’t overlook the back of your laundry room doors and walls. Get some hooks, baskets, hangers, storage containers, and bags that are attachable to doors and walls. Surely, a few things can go into these things to free up some space in your laundry room. 

6. Maximize Your Laundry Room Corners
Your laundry room corners can house a lot of things. Add some shelving where baskets, bottles, and other items can be placed. Interestingly, you could find shelving of almost size on the market right now. Alternatively, you can add a drying rack in unused corners of your laundry room.  

7. Maximize Your Laundry Room Ceiling
Your laundry room ceiling shouldn’t go to waste. You can install some drying racks where you can dry your delicate clothes that won’t want to put in the dryer. You can also use it to air your ironed clothes.  

8. Buy a Dryer or Washer that has Pedestal Drawers
Many new dryers and washers come with drawers fitted under them, and these are excellent storage places for several laundry items that would otherwise litter your laundromat. Take the initiative and clean up your space while creating more space at the same time. 

9. Switch Things Up
Is your laundry room way too small? You tired all of these tweaks and cannot seem to remain proud of it? Then you should move it out to the garage or a covered space outdoor. You can build a little shed next to all the plumbing connections for easy access to water. This way, you save some space for yourself in your apartment. 

Bottom Line
The Laundry room offers you the convenience of doing most of your house chores in one place. It also provides an attractiveness that merges flawlessly with the overall design of your apartment. No doubt, the design and decor of the laundry room leave a significant impact on the house. If you are planning to start the design of your laundry from scratch, let this article be your guide to making the most efficient and beautiful laundry room. Moreover, you can always try, now and then, to change the look of your laundry room.