How to store shoes in a small hallway?

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If you trip over your family members’ shoes every day, it is time to create some new or extra storage space for the footwear. The first step to declutter your space is of course getting rid of all the shoes you do not wear. Once you’ve done that, you can start creating storage space in your small hallway.

  • Small fold-out storage boxes
  • A sitting area with storage space
  • Hanging shoe rack

Small fold-out storage boxes
These are probably well-known storage boxes. You can place these on top of each other and simply pull on the side to fold the box open. When you close the lid again, you are left with narrow neat looking boxes. These are smaller than a console table, which gives you plenty of leftover space in your small hallway.

A sitting area with storage space
If you would like to have a place where you can put on your shoes while sitting, this could be your solution. Some of the sitting-benches have an open space beneath to place your shoes, some of them have drawers to store your footwear. Either way, both create a win-win situation: a place to store your shoes and to put them on!

Hanging shoe rack
This might be one of the least stylish options but will work just fine. These hanging shoe racks variate in material (some are made of fabric, some are made of plastic), but all contain little pockets to place your shoe. Because the shoe rack is hanging on your door, you will not have any obstruction of your hallway whatsoever.