How wide is a wheelchair accessible hallway?

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If you have a family member who needs wheelchair accessibility or wants to have a house in which you can age, the width of your hallway is an important feature to keep in mind. In this article, we will share some tips on how to create an accessible home for you and your family members.

  • The minimum hallway width is 36 inches
  • Keep t-shape turns in mind
  • Assistance

The minimum hallway width is 36 inches
Comfortable access to your hallway in a wheelchair is important. The minimum width advised in a regular hallway is 36 inches. If you would like to place other things on the side of the hallway, for example, a console table, we recommend sticking to 48 inches. This way the person in a wheelchair can still leave their keys on the console without getting stuck.

Keep t-shape turns in mind
If you have a t-shape turn in your hallway, keep in mind that the person in a wheelchair has a wider turn angle than a person who is walking. To make a comfortable turn, you will need a minimum clear space of 38 inches. If you stick to the 38 inches, the wheelchair-bound person can also make 180 degree turns in the hall.

If you or your family member needs to assist the person in the wheelchair, extra width is necessary. For a wheelchair and an assistant, the minimum recommended passage width is 48 inches. This way the ambulatory person can help the wheelchair-bound person with ease, for example, to take off shoes or a coat when entering the hallway.