How to perfectly layout a nursery?

The nursery should be not only fun but also practical. At first, the room will be mainly used for feeding and changing diapers, it is useful to lay it out to fit your needs as the baby grows. Your baby won’t be in the cot forever, so plan ahead to avoid replacing all your nursery furniture after five years. Here are three great tips for laying out a nursery.

  • Create a sleeping area
  • Set-up a changing zone
  • Do not forget the Never-enough storage space

Create a sleeping area
The positioning of the baby bed is of course the most important thing to consider. Ensure that it is not next to a radiator or window, to avoid cold or excessive heat. If possible, place it in a position where you can see it when the door is open. This way it is easy to check on your baby and make it the key focus in the room. Keep the other furniture out of reach of the bed, because your curious toddler will probably want to climb out and will use anything to pull himself up.

Set-up a changing zone
Changing units, aka ‘changers’, are ideally positioned near the wardrobe or dresser. Overfull nappies are often resulting in a full change of clothes. Of course, you do not want to leave your baby unattended, so it makes sense to keep everything you need on hand. The diaper disposal system, or just a regular bin, should be next to the changer.

Do not forget the never-enough storage space
Your kid will most likely own a collection of toys and stuffed animals during their childhood, no matter the exact age. If space allows it, creating a play zone is a nice way to keep all the toys in an exact corner. Further elaborating on this, there is no such thing as ‘too much storage’ in a nursery room. From the countless toys to the huge pack of nappies, it is most likely that you are running out of storage at some point. Consider in your planning where you might want to position hooks, basket, or other storage utensils.

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