How to paint clouds on the ceiling of a nursery?

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A place where your little one can sleep under a sky full of puffy white clouds, how magical can the nursery be? It might sound like you are up to a challenge, but it is easier than you think. With the right materials, preparation, and some extra time, you’ll be able to paint a ceiling that makes your baby wake up to a beautiful day, every day;

  • Put some effort in prepping the room
  • Use the right tools
  • Add different shades to the ceiling

Put some effort in prepping the room 
Cover the floor and furniture in a cloth that may cover paint drops. Paint the entire ceiling one (light) blue color, using a roller. To make sure it is only the ceiling that you’ll be painting blue, use painters tape to mask off the edges where the ceiling meets the wall. To cover the edges, use a brush. Wait for the paint to dry before adding a second layer. Then, pour small amounts of white, grey, and blue paint in a paint tray with divided areas. Divide the ceiling into different segments, the size of which you are comfortable to reach from the ladder. These segments are the places in which you’ll make groups of clouds. Add a second layer of blue paint to a divided area.

Use the right tools
Using the right tools to create cloud-like shapes is important. A sponge brush (or a regular sponge) comes in super handy. Start to add clouds when the blue paint is still damp. Using a sponge, pick up some white coat, and gently dab it onto the damp blue paint. Try to create the form of a cloud, by making irregular round shapes with the white paint. To reach the desired opacity, add small amounts of white in different layers. To create soft edges on the cloud, use a different sponge from the blue into the white to blur the line.

Add different shades to the ceiling
When someone else looks at the blue ceiling with white dots, they probably will know what it supposed to look like. However, you can make it look a bit more realistic by adding shades. With a clean sponge, pick up a small amount of grey paint. With it, add small touches to the inside of the cloud. Use another sponge to blend the grey with the white. Make sure there is enough room between the clouds to allow plenty of blue sky to come through.