How to keep cats out of the baby nursery?

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Having a cat and a baby at the same time sounds wonderful, but their interaction should be supervised. Though it is unlikely that a regular household moggie will attack a baby, it can still scratch or wake up a baby. Even after hours of trying to get your baby to sleep. In this article, we will give you several tips to keep your cat out of the crib, and tips to keep your cat relaxed with these new restrictions.

  • Negative reinforcement without stress
  • Enhance the environment in other rooms
  • Use a baby monitor

Negative reinforcement without stress
The only way to learn your cat to avoid a room is to give a negative cue. Luring the cat out with catnip or treats will not keep your cat out of the room, unfortunately. However, kicking the cats whenever it enters the room will make the cat hate you and cause other unwanted behaviors. Fortunately, there are humane options. Electronic cat repellents may be useful. They spray a burst of air whenever the cat approaches it, forces it to retreat. You can also find cat repellents that use an ultrasonic sound. However, turn it off when you are nearby, otherwise, you’ll trigger the sound the cat dislikes.

Enhance the environment in other rooms
Improve the environment in the other rooms your cat is allowed to enter. Expand his territory to create perches above ground level (a cat tree or shelves for example). Cats love places to hide, so put around boxes or cat houses. Buy interaction objects, like toys or puzzle feeders. Place a cushion near the window to give your cat an outdoor view. All these improvements will enhance your cat’s life and reduce stress. Other rooms become so much fun for your cat, he will not have any interest to enter the baby nursery because it is less fun.

Use a baby monitor
Sometimes it can affect the relationship between baby and cat if they are at distance at all times. You might consider letting the cat interact with the baby under safe conditions. Creating a safe distance between the crib and a place where the cat can nap, can be an option. If you decide that the cat may enter the room and you want to keep an eye on it, use a baby monitor with video to do so. Together napping is bonding, in cat terms.