How to paint a nursery room?

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Painting the baby’s room is one of the many things to consider when your little one is arriving. Choosing between the many options and colors can be a bit overwhelming, but with this article, your choice can be made a bit easier! There are a few things to keep in mind while choosing the right paint for the nursery room:

  • Think about safety
  • Keep any glare out
  • Choose the right color

Think about safety
Paints often contain amounts of ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’, or VOC, that can be harmful to inhale. VOC’s are poisonous ingredients in solvents in paint that are emitted. To keep these toxins from your newborn, find a paint that is low in VOC or does not contain any. These paints are widely available and are in a variety of colors. If you are not able to find a low- or no – VOC paint, try to keep the room as ventilated as possible while painting, to minimize the risk of inhaling those VOC fumes from the paint.

Keep any glare out
Often overlooked, but this is most important. The sheen that comes off of your walls can be hurtful to the babies’ eyes. To keep the sheen out of the nursery, find paint that has a low LRV, or Ligh Reflectance Value. This is expressed in numbers, and 60 or lower is okay for your baby. LRV indicates the percentage of light that is reflected by the painted wall, compared to the light that is absorbed by the paint.

Choose the right color
Of course, you cannot ask your baby which color it likes, but research reveals a thing or two. Babies like light pastel colors and bright colors. Adults on the other hand tend to like more subtle colors and shades. Maybe when your little one grows up it does not like the color but be sure to find a color that matches the furniture and the room decor.