How to organize a playroom?

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Let’s face it, keeping a child’s playroom organized is a challenge for every parent and most often not the favorite activity during the weekend. However, keeping it clutter-free will not only help keep the house organized but also help in the child’s uprising. We will provide you with a few tips and tricks to get it done!

  • Involve your child in the clean-up
  • Select and rotate
  • Label and color-code

Involve your child in the clean-up
Especially young children until the age of five like structure and routine and knowing where their toys are. By involving them in the organizing, they not only see that it’s an integral part of every leisure activity but also know where all their toys are! In case there is a lot of toys that you know your child has outgrown or are even broken or incomplete, consider getting rid of them alone as you can be certain that even a broken toy car wheel will be considered gold by your toddler. Fewer toys mean more space and fewer things to organize!

Select and rotate
Rather than stuffing the room with all your child’s toys, consider creating a few boxes with toys you can rotate. This way, the toys that are present in the room will have your child’s undivided attention and when it gets bored by them you can simply rotate, bringing in “new” toys! This way, your child will focus on what is there and you will notice quickly what your child’s preferred toy is and when it loses its attention. By having only a small selection of toys in the room, it will be much easier to keep the room organized!

Label and color-code.
By having designated boxes for stuffed animals, toys, and books, for example, it will be easier to organize and when your child comes of age it will be easier for him to recognize where he can put back his own stuff. Especially with multiple children that are of different ages, this will be helpful to make a distinction between which toys belong to who and which toys are shared.