How to arrange a playroom?

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Arranging the playroom is unlike any other room. It requires a “playful” approach and is very dependent on the age and gender of your little ones. In this article, we will give you tips and tricks to consider when arranging the playroom.

  • Keep it playful
  • Keep it practical
  • Keep it organized

Keep it playful
After all, a playroom should not become too serious but rather a place where kiddos and their imagination can run wild. Consider creative solutions, like a swing attached to the ceiling or a corner with pillows rather than a chair, for example. Try some color on the wall or even a mural, play around with the lightning to create a starry sky.

Keep it practical
When the playroom is small or you like to keep it spacious, consider multi-use storage solutions. A great example is a small bench with storage space underneath. Whatever you do, however, do you not clutter the room with furniture. Kids will be kids and need space to run around and be free. Nothing will make your kiddo happier than a big soft carpet in the middle of the room where he has all the room to do whatever he wants.

Keep it organized
That it should be a place where your kiddo and his imagination can run free does not mean that the toys can run free as well. Keeping the playroom organized is probably the main challenge of keeping the house tidy, but by having the right solutions in place, there is no need to worry. A large and tall bookshelf is often a great idea when some toys are preferably not accessible by young toddlers which can then be placed on the top shelves. Place boxes with labels and color tags. This is especially useful when having multiple kids to make a distinction between which toys are child-specific and which ones are shared. This will also make it easier for the kids to organize themselves when they get older.