How to organize a kitchen?

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You don’t need a huge kitchen for it to be organized and functional. The better you organize, the more space you will have. This will even make smaller kitchens feel spacious. Follow these tips and tricks to organize your kitchen!

  • Only keep the essentials
  • Keep it clean and neat
  • Get creative with decorating and wall space
  • Cluster and position everything correctly

Only keep the essentials
Many of us use the storage space of our kitchen cabinets as storage. This, however, does not contribute to having an organized kitchen. If you have the time, empty your kitchen and see what you really need. Don’t put it back just yet.

Keep it clean and neat
Not the favorite part for most of us, but now that your kitchen is empty, it is the ideal moment to clean properly. Having the kitchen fresh and shiny is one of the major components of having an organized kitchen.

Get creative with decorating and wall space
If your kitchen is lacking storage space, or you just want to add some functional attributes, consider a hanging rack for your pots, pans, or kitchen tools to free up cupboard and drawer space. Other great examples to free-up those drawers are an aesthetic knife block or a magnet on the wall for your knives. This also applies to herbs and spices which also look good when placed on the wall.

Cluster and position everything correctly
For everything that is in sight, like things on the kitchen counter, for example, it is important to cluster. Cluster your herbs, your bottles, your plates, and your cooking books, etc. Make sure that the location makes sense. Place your pans close to the stove for example. Things that you plan on using often are often better off at eye-level.