How to build an outdoor kitchen?

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Outdoor kitchens are every grill master’s dream. Building one yourself is often a more challenging DYI project. There are many possibilities and decisions to be made when starting from scratch. It should not only be weatherproof but also able to endure the heat of a grill. Before starting, consider these things first.

  • Buying or building?
  • Full functionality or an upgraded grill
  • Climate and environment constraints

Buying or building?
Before starting to construct, know that there are many outdoor kitchens that can be purchased and placed straight away. This also brings up the question of whether you want a permanent or portable outdoor kitchen. Buying one is not only less time consuming, but often allows you to move it or take it with you when moving houses as well.

Full functionality or an upgraded grill
There are little limits to outdoor kitchens and therefore choices to be made. Are you oke with a surface for food preparing and a built-in grill, or would you like a sink, a pizza oven, and a minibar? Depending on your budget and needs, it is good to think about what you are looking for in an outdoor kitchen before buying or starting to construct.

Climate and environment constraints
Depending on where you live, whether its California, Florida or any other place in the world with a comfortable outdoor climate, you will probably spend more time in your outdoor kitchen than if that same kitchen would be in the Netherlands. When the climate is less outdoor-friendly, you need to take precautions for your outdoor kitchen. If it gets hot, a corner of your garden with shadow would be nice. When it rains a lot, you might want to cover the outdoor kitchen under a partial patio roof or cover. When it can get windy, think about where your grill would cause the least smoke inconveniences. Depending on your climate, think about what else could influence your outdoor kitchen experience.