How to decorate a kitchen?

Decorating your kitchen requires a different approach than most other rooms since it has to be practical and functional as you work (cook) there daily. However, with the right attributes, your kitchen will not only be more comfortable but also more pleasant for the eye. Follow these tips to get the most out of your kitchen!

  • Keep it functional and stay away from the clutter
  • Decide what to keep insight and what not
  • Wall decorations

Keep it functional and stay away from the clutter
If you choose to go for decorations without function, especially on your kitchen counter, there is a big chance that they will be in the way all the time, especially with smaller kitchens. Try to go for functional decorations, like a wooden knife block, an aesthetic coffee machine, a nice olive oil bottle, an herb plant, or a recipe book. This way you keep the kitchen practical and eyecatching.

Decide what to keep insight and what not
Think about what you would like to display and whatnot. your favorite tableware for example can either be stashed behind a class cupboard or placed on the kitchen island or a cabinet. This same principle applies to all your cutting boards, and herbs and spices as well.

Wall decorations
Pans and kitchen tools can be tucked away behind kitchen doors but by hanging them on the wall behind the kitchen counter you do not only save valuable space in your counters but also create a nice look. Think about hanging your wine glasses on the wall as well, for a true restaurant feel.