How to make a teenage hangout room?

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A teenage bedroom can sometimes be too personal to invite all their friends, and you do not want your teens to take over your living room or kitchen. Turning an old playroom into a cool teenage hangout room is perfect. Get the teens involved for the execution to end up with a result they appreciate. Here are some tips to consider:  

  • Think of things they like to do with friends
  • Get the right lighting to create a nice atmosphere
  • Furniture to hang out on

Think of things they like to do with friends
Besides hanging out with friends and talking life through, doing things together bonds. Things to think of are for example getting an air hockey table or soccer table to play together. If you got a big empty wall, you could consider using the wall to project films on. Besides watching movies, they can also play games on the big screen.

Get the right lighting to create a nice atmosphere
Creating a cozy vibe for your teens to hang out in is an important basis for a hangout room. After all, chilling in a room with TL light does not sound attractive. If you can install wall-mounted lighting, definitely do so. The light will reflect off the wall into the room, this indirect lumination will be soft which creates a calming vibe. A string of (fairy) lights creates the same effect, although it may be a bit feminine if your teen is a boy.

Furniture to hang out on
Last but not least, furniture. Get in multiple pieces of furniture on which you can hang out for a few hours. A huge couch to slouch in with pillows to top it off. Hanging chairs gives a safe cocoon but still connects you to the rest of the room, thus the other people in it. If they would like to use the room to read in silence, for example, this is a great option.