How to make a small bedroom look bigger?

There are different ways to make your small bedroom look bigger. Take these 3 tips into account when decorating your room:

  • Use light colors for the walls and curtains and try to match both
  • Transparent furniture (think glass night desks or thin furniture legs)
  • Use mirrors for an optical spacious illusion.

Less is more

First of all, think about the furniture that you will place when having a small bedroom. This means not larger than necessary and avoids excessive furniture! One way of reducing the amount of furniture and having more empty space is by having shelves on the wall or built-in shelving around the bed. You can also use drawers underneath your bed or mount your lamp on the wall to avoid having a night desk.

Stay low!

Even though tall furniture does provide more storage space in small rooms, it does make the room look smaller and less spacious because there is less blank wall. Another trick that applies the same tactic is having your bed on the floor (without legs). Even though this is probably not a good idea for home-owners in every age group, it does give the room a spacious feeling.

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