How to organize a small bedroom?

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Keeping a small bedroom organized is more challenging than when you would have lots of space. However, by keeping your small bedroom tidy, it will give you a spacious feeling in return. Follow these tips on how to make it work:

  • Less is more!
  • Keep it tidy
  • Invest in a trendy laundry basket

Less is more!

Think like a minimalist. There is a reason why Steve Jobs had little furniture. He believed that a lot of things were not necessary! This philosophy applies even more to small bedrooms, where having only the essentials, will bring you lots of space. This way, it is easy to keep it tidy and well organized.  

Keep it tidy

Having a small bedroom is often a recipe for a mess. As discussed, keeping the layout minimalistic will help severely in keeping your bedroom sleek. Additionally, try keeping the surfaces of your room empty. For example, by having both nights free of stuff it will look a lot more organized. If you struggle with keeping your room organized, try having some convenient storage, like drawers under your bed, or some storage in your night desk.

Invest in a trendy laundry basket

One of the main reasons for messy bedrooms is clothing laying around and almost everyone is guilty when it comes down to this. However, this is not necessary. Try finding a good-looking laundry basket for in your bedroom, having a place to dispose your clothing after a long day of work within reach. Make sure the laundry basket had a lid that you can close, you make sure the mess is completely out of sight and out of mind.