How to make a small bathroom look bigger?

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Bathrooms are often one of the smaller rooms in the house but that doesn’t mean they should also feel that way. Adjusting a few minor things can already make a huge difference. There are many tips and tricks to make the bathroom look bigger, which you will find in this post!

  • Keep the colors light
  • Place mirrors
  • Make use of glass
  • Use built-in hanging cabinets

Keep the colors light
This rule basically applies to every room that you prefer to appear larger but is maybe even more important in the bathroom as bathrooms sometimes do not have windows. You can keep the room light by applying pastel colors for example. Additionally, consider a high-gloss paint that will reflect more light.

Place mirrors
By placing large or multiple mirrors you will open up the space even more and reflect the light in the room. When this is not enough, consider a mirror wall or adding some backlight to the mirror to save the space of an additional light source and keep it minimalistic, chic, and modern.

Make use of glass
Nothing makes a bathroom feel smaller than additional walls or shower curtains. Instead, consider using glass shower doors and walls to open up the space. In case you or your budget prefers a shower curtain, try placing it as high as possible to elongate the walls, making your bathroom look taller.

Use built-in hanging cabinets
More floorspace will give the bathroom a more spacious feeling. Therefore, opt for built-in or hanging bathroom vanities and closets. Additionally, to keep the bathroom tidier, choose closed cabinets as this will allow you to hide away distractions. In case you do prefer to keep an open interior, try to keep the bathroom organized with trays and baskets.