How to decorate a small bathroom?

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Small bathrooms often get cluttered when decorating to enthusiastically, making the space feel tiny and messy. However, with subtle and functional decorations you can enhance your bathroom’s looks without cramping the space. This post will tell you how it’s done!

  • Creative storage
  • Create a ledge
  • Upgrade bathroom accessories
  • Use a bathtub caddy

Creative storage
In small bathrooms, open floor space is both an opportunity as well as a threat. When done right, a basket or small bench underneath the sink to place your towels can provide you with the storage needed while boosting bathroom appearance. However, there is also a risk that it will clutter the room. Nice and fluffy towels do help here and you might want to invest in better-looking towels.

Create a ledge
Rather than placing all your bathroom accessories on the sink, a small ledge or shelve above the sink will not only provide you with the needed space but also provide a nice opportunity to showcase your slick looking designer bottles. This ledge or shelve can also be used for a mirror or even a picture frame or small vase.

Upgrade bathroom accessories
Many different bottle shapes and colors can easily clutter a small bathroom. Instead, try buying multiple matching and tidy bottles to fit your daily products. However, don’t overdo it as the phrase less is more definitely applies here.

Use a bathtub caddy
Finally, for those with a bathtub, it can be nice to place a bathtub caddy to place soaps and shampoos. By picking a wooden or bamboo one, you will create a more natural feeling in the bathroom while creating space for your products at the same time