How to make a playroom in the living room?

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When creating a playroom in the living room, it is often a good idea to delineate the part that is allocated to your children playing so they don’t take over the entire living room. There are multiple ways to blend the playing area effortlessly into the living room and give your child space he always dreamt of.

  • Delineate with a rug
  • Reshuffle the furniture
  • Dedicate storage space

Delineate with a rug
Just like regular separate playrooms, rugs are often a good add-on. However, a rug is even more beneficial in a play area in the living room as this will allow you to delineate the space that is allocated to your child’s playing. By placing a cushy and soft rug, in the corner of your Livingroom, close to the stored toys, your child has his own area within the Livingroom.

Reshuffle the furniture
By reshuffling the furniture, you can create separate areas within the living room. Rather than placing your sofa against the wall, for example, you can also use it as a divider to create a separate space for the play area. By having the sofa facing the living room, you will create a cozy nook for your child to play and avoid having the toys linger around your coffee table.

Dedicate storage space
By simply adding a bookshelf against the wall that is designated for your child’s toys, you can already virtually create a special place for your child to play. By matching this storage space, whether it is a bookshelf, cabinet, or simply shelves, with the rest of the Livingroom, the playroom will blend seamlessly.