A markerboard playroom wall?

Drawing is probably one of the favorite activities for many youngsters. However, placing tables or easel often take up much-needed space. Turning your playroom wall into one big canvas is therefore often a good idea. We will provide you with some possibilities that don’t require you to repaint the wall every now and then.

  • Markerboard
  • Chalkboard
  • Chalk paint

A markerboard or a whiteboard will allow your child to create hundreds of beautiful drawings that will also function as a temporary wall decoration. Another option, when you are artsy yourself as a parent, is to create a drawing for your child once in a while as well. Finally, these marker boards are also great reminders for daily chores, homework, or class schedules. And the best thing is that all of this requires only a bit of wall space and won’t take up any additional space in the playroom.

Another idea is to get yourself a chalkboard. This more old-school variation of the white-board is a great idea if your child is a fanatic chalk drawer or when a chalkboard simply fits better in the playroom you have imagined. The only con compared to a marker board is that chalk can create a small mess in the room, especially when the chalk breaks or is eaten by your toddler.

Chalk paint
When a chalkboard is too old-school for your likings, consider painting the wall with a special chalk wall paint that will allow you to draw and erase. Most home depot and do-it-yourself stores offer this kind of paint but make sure to select the correct one. Double checking with the shop assistant is often a good idea.

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