How to decorate a small playroom?

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Decorating a playroom is already challenging enough on its own, and, when space is limited, it can be an even bigger challenge. However, there are some smart ways to get the most out of every inch and give your child the playroom he deserves!

  • Use the walls
  • Don’t clutter
  • Keep it multi-functional

Use the walls
One of the most important assets of a great playroom is storage space. After all, it’ needs to store all your child’s toys in a convenient way. Just like any small room, it is often a good idea to use the complete length of the wall and place a closet that stretches until the ceiling. Even though your child probably won’t be able to reach the top shelves, they are still suitable for toys that he or she is only allowed to play with when an adult is around. Additionally, these higher shelves are great for decorative items like stuffed animals. Another idea is placing shelves, this will make sure you keep the ground free for playing!

Don’t clutter
Also applicable for every small room but even more urgent in a playroom is the floor space. Small rooms get cluttered quickly and by placing too much furniture your child won’t have the required space anymore to play around! By keeping the center of the room free and by placing a large soft rug for your child to play on with his toys he will be most happy and you keep the room spacious.

Keep it multi-functional
By placing this large rug in the room with a heap of pillows, you also create a place for your child to relax and maybe read a book. Sofa’s, in particular, are very space demanding while this “carpet” solution is multi-functional, budget-friendly, and often sufficient. When you decide to purchase a sofa, try to find one that is low and multifunctional with a storage compartment in it for example. This way it won’t dominate the room and provide some additional space for toys or books!