How to divide a living room and dining room combo?

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Not every house has room for separate dining and living rooms. Therefore, the combination is common. However, not all combinations create the same result. Sometimes they lack practicality, other times they just don’t create a pleasant environment. To help you divide a living room and dining room combination, it is important to take some factors into consideration. We will share some tips below.

  • Use of colors
  • Natural dividers
  • Do not block the view

Use of colors
One of the easiest and practical ways to create a division between the rooms is the use of colors. Making use of different sets of colors can create a visual division without an actual divider. You may opt for more vibrant colors in the living room area and more subtle colors in the dining room area, where you want a different environment.

Natural dividers
Another common way to divide the two is to place a subtler divider in the form of a piece of furniture. A couch or a low closet can create the feeling of two separate areas without actually placing an item purely meant to divide. This will feel more natural and you are better able to make use of the (limited) space.

Do not block the view
Another frequently seen, but less ideal way to divide areas is to put a room divider or a high closet between the areas. Although exceptions exist, it often results in making both areas feel less spacious and you are left with a big blockade in between. Opting for lower options can create separation, without placing a big wall in between.