How to decorate the back of your toilet?

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The decoration options for the back of the toilet are mainly determined by whether you have a wall-mounted toilet or a regular one. Additionally, when having a wall-mounted toilet you can either have a lower wall just for the water tank and sewer drain or a full wall that reaches the ceiling. No matter what your situation is, we will provide you with some inspiration to start decorating.

  • Regular toilet with toilet tank
  • Wall-mounted toilet with lower wall
  • Wall-mounted toilet with full wall

Regular toilet with toilet tank
In this case, you regularly try to hide as much of the toilet tank as possible since they are often not very good looking. This can be done with a toilet tank cover, a small cloth, or a tray. However, the wall behind the toilet tank remains an excellent place to hang some shelves as this will allow you to showcase your personal care products and place some decorations.

Wall-mounted toilet with lower wall
When the wall behind the wall-mounted toilet does not reach until the ceiling but just covers the toilet tank and sewer drain, there is no need for shelves and you can also just place your items on this wall. Additionally, instead of hanging a picture frame or painting, it can also be placed here when either large or small.

Wall-mounted toilet with full wall
If the wall extends to the ceiling to needly hide all other things than the toilet, it is often a good idea to keep it simple and rather pick a good-looking finish liked natural stone or wood. Shelves often take-away from the minimalistic and smooth look and can even bother if they are hanging too close above the toilet. However, it is often possible to create a recess in the wall above the toilet for decoration. In this case, consider some fragrance sticks, candles, or beautiful pictures.