How to decorate a toilet with a window above it?

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Toilets often do not have windows unless they are in a bathroom. When a bathroom has a window, it is often above the toilet as this will be the free wall. This window will provide you with some additional decorative options. We will provide you with some inspiration to start decorating!

  • Plants or flowers
  • Trays, but no baskets
  • Window covers

Plants or flowers
If you have a window above your toilet you can consider yourself lucky as this is often not the case! The natural light and the possibility to let in some fresh air is a huge benefit! but, there is more to it. Normally, plants don’t do well in toilets due to the lack of light and fresh air, however, with a window and a large enough windowsill, you can place a plant to let it sunbathe in the light and brighten up the room! Additionally, especially the taller flowers or plants will look beautiful in front of a long and narrow window.

Trays, but no baskets
To organize your decorations or personal care products, consider placing a tray on the windowsill to cluster them. This way it will look much tidier. Baskets are higher in general and therefore block a larger part of the window which is something you generally want to avoid as this will reduce the light coming from the often small window.

Window covers
Even though the natural light from the window is a really nice add-on in every restroom or bathroom, it is possible that you rather have a little bit of privacy. In this case, you can either place window film, curtains, or blinders. When purchasing nice ones, these can be a decoration on their own. Curtains can bring some color and patterns and have a softer look due to the fabric while blinders can bring a more natural look when wooden or a minimalistic look when plain.