How to decorate a small bathroom and toilet?

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Small bathrooms and toilets provide less opportunity for extensive decorations but maybe even more space for creativity! When struggling to decorate this small space, however, there is no need to worry as we will provide you with some insights below.

  • Less is more!
  • Functional decorations
  • Go for Multifunctional
  • Use the walls!

Less is more!
Small spaces become cluttered quickly and we, therefore, advise to keep decorations to a minimum. So before starting to decorate, it is often a good idea to get rid of abundant decorations or personal care products. After this, think wisely about what enters the bathroom/ toilet. Think less is more!

Functional decorations
Rather than placing souvenirs or other decorations without a real function, consider more functional decorations like rolled-up hand towels, fragrance sticks, a plant, or just a beautiful hand soap bottle.

Go for Multifunctional
When decorating a small space, it is often rewarded if you come up with creative solutions. There are plenty of multifunctional pieces that not only look good but also provide you true value for space. Think about mirror cabinets, Bathroom vanities with toilet roll holders on the side, or shelves that provide hooks for towels.

Use the walls!
With limited space, it is often not a good idea to place additional things on the floor in addition to the required shower, toilet, and bathroom vanity. Instead, you can use the walls by creating shelves or cabinets. This will allow you to nicely display your personal care products and decorations while also improving the looks significantly.