How to decorate a teenage girl’s room?

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Decorating a teenage girl’s room will not be an easy one fits all solution. Often, teens are part of different groups which display their own distinct style. This is applicable to their wardrobe, as well as their bedroom design. Talk to your girl to find out which theme they would like. You can create a mood board together to be sure you are on the right track. In this article, we will elaborate on some handy tips to incorporate into your plan.

  • A place to express their social group and friendships
  • A place to display their art
  • Decorate with cute lumination

A place to express their social group and friendships
As mentioned in the introduction, their friends probably mean a lot to them. An open closet to put in photo frames is a nice option to display the memories they’ve made together. A more modern option is hanging Polaroids on a string is also an easy option and will take much less space compared to an extra closet.

A place to display their art
Personal chosen art can personalize the room immediately and are a nice addition to decoration. This art can be bought or self-made of course. With picture ledges, these art projects will not take in too much space. The ledges will also give room for other items to display, like drooping plants, small statues, precious stones, and other small decorative items.

Decorate with cute illumination
Besides the regular wall-mounted lumination and ceiling lights, girls need other ways to create a cozy atmosphere with lights. Fairy string lights are a super easy-to-install option. If you make these lights wall-mounted, the light will reflect from the wall into the room, creating a warm atmosphere. Small battery-operated (or by charging) lights are also an option. Candles, small light bulbs, a bright pink LED flamingo, or other animals: many options can be found.