How to decorate a small bedroom?

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Be thoughtful when decorating a small bedroom to make the most out of the space. Instead of cramming your small bedroom full of stuff, follow these tips and tricks:

  • Consider using the food of the bed
  • Add floating shelves
  • Go for an invisible chair

Consider using the food of the bed

Place a small sofa, some crates or a low drawer in front of your bed. This option might take a foot of space but will give you a lot in return. Whether going for extra storage or a sofa to sit for when you are putting your shoes on, it will look great while leaving plenty of space for decorations!

Add floating shelves

Floating shelves, especially when they are the same color as your wall, take very little space while providing you with some more storage space or a place you put some nice decorations. Especially when adding multiple on top of each other, you make sure you utilize your room in the best way possible without giving away any footprint.

Go for an invisible chair

Chairs often have a bulky touch to them, especially when placed in small bedrooms. These chairs do not only take up a lot of space, but they also make the room look crammed. However, for some, a chair in front of their desk is a must when getting ready in the morning. If this is you, consider going for a “ghost” chair that has a see through-frame. This way you keep the overview in the room while also adding a nice stylish touch.