How to decorate a dining room table for every day?

There are many places in our house where we decorate and do not change it for weeks or months to come. However, a dining room is not such a place. You use the room on a regular basis, which means you see your decoration much more often. Here are some tips to keep in mind!

  • Keep your table clutter-free, but stylish
  • Keep in mind ‘the magic three’
  • Use one prime piece

Keep your table clutter-free, but stylish
You use your dining room more often than other areas in your house. This also means that these areas have to be functional and do not interrupt our lives. Center your decoration pieces or just use one piece of decoration to leave plenty of room to use your table in a functional way.

Keep in mind ‘the magic three’
If you want to use more than one decoration piece, do not overdo it. ‘The magic three’ refers to that it is esthetic appealing to group pieces of decoration with a maximum of three. Use different sizes and colors to draw your attention to it. For example, combine a flower vase, with a candle and coasters.

Use one prime piece
If you like one prime piece better than several smaller items, keep in mind the functionality. A bowl of fruit adds a splash of color and looks great on any table. It will also change your habits in a positive way, encouraging you and your family members to eat more fruit! You could also go for a classic vase with a bouquet of flowers.