What size chandelier for dining room?

You’ve made the decision to pick a chandelier for your dining room, that is a classic! It enhances the ambiance and adds great diffusion of lightning. However, you have to keep in mind which chandelier is the right one for your dining room. Below are some tips:

  • Keep in mind the height
  • Do not forget the width
  • Choose the right shape

Keep in mind the height
The height of the chandelier is important to make it functional and fitting. To know the maximum height of your chandelier, measure the room height. If you are hanging the chandelier above an open floor, it should be 7,5 feet away from the floor. If the chandelier is hanging above a dining table, it should be around 30 inches away from the top of the table.

Do not forget the width
If you are hanging the chandelier above a dining table, you can use the width of the dining table to measure the chandelier. In general, the chandelier should be between 0,5x and 0,75x of the width of the table.

Choose the right shape
Depending on the object nearest to the chandelier, you should adjust the shape. For example, if you have a rectangular dining table, choose a rectangular chandelier. If your chandelier is round or oval, a round-shaped chandelier suits the room better.

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