How to decorate a desk in a teenage girl’s room?

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A desk in a teenage room is one of the areas where plenty of time will be spent. At least, that’s what is often hoped for, meaning they are spending time on their homework assignments! To stimulate your teenage girl to spend enough time behind their desk, having a nicely decorated place to work will definitely help. In this article, we will share some decoration tips to consider.

  • Cute storage items on the desk
  • Fancy papers
  • Add a (DIY) placemat

Cute storage items on the desk
The items used while sitting behind a desk are often the reason why a desk gets messy. The items are small and often in great numbers. Creating storage on the desk will keep the desk organized, which results in more focused study sessions. This can be reached with pencil baskets, different storage folders for papers, or a display trolley underneath the desk.

Fancy papers
Teenage girls love to use notepads, especially when they are nicely decorated. It is one of the many ways to express themselves and their personality. For their homework, buy decorated, notebooks, notepads, organizers, loose papers, stencils, etcetera. Funny or beautiful stickers will be a nice addition when they end up using regular paper: this way they can decorate the paper themselves.

Add a (DIY) placemat
A placemat will guard your desk against scratches or a pen that is pressed too hard against paper. Placemat’s sound dull, however, there are super decorative placemats on the market. It can spice up a boring desk into a modern place to work. If your teenage girl is creative, she can even consider making her own. Another option is to buy a clear placemat, under which a poster or drawing can be placed. This option gives the freedom to change the look of the desk every now and then!